Batman, aka Spankman by Pramit

Batman, aka Spankman by Pramit

Although I haven’t watched the Justice League movie yet, I think it’s good if I write up my thoughts for DCEU. Aside from the budget/ box office part, my views would be about the actual criticality of these stories being used and the inventiveness/ creativity associated with it.

Man Of Steel- 7/10

Batman Vs Superman- 6.5/10

Suicide Squad- 5/10

Wonder Woman- 5.5/10

There is something between the comic movie genre and its fanatics that’s really irritating me ever since BvS. It’s the fact that people have taken the whole superhero genre to be a colorful merry happy universe. Comics is just a medium, anything is possible. You do propaganda, you get a propaganda comic. You do superhero, you get a superhero comic. Both aren’t the same.

Now, let’s take DCEU movie. By far, according to me, Man of Steel has been the most creative, serious and critically great movie made in DCEU. Superman takes a soul searching journey and through his attempts, he finds himself and goes on to save the world with proper logic working in there. A huge setup for a huge superheroic flick. It’s a straight 7-8 out of 10. Bashing this movie became a trend because Superman killed a character. Now here’s the thing. Proposing that Superman won’t kill is already in the fans’ heads, but a really good writer should be there to challenge the fact. The conflict is that in given conditions, will Superman kill or not? Well, he tries all to stop but accidentally kills him in fury. This conflict alone gives it the extra points for actually being a critically acclaimed story.

In Batman Vs Superman , Batman tries to kill Superman while saving his city. It’s exactly what anybody would do. After US gained the first nuclear weapon, all other countries joined in on the arms race. It was needed because you can’t let a single country possess the biggest weapon and let them bully the world. So, Batman is doing exactly that. He tries to disable Superman and tries to find ways to make people like him weaker. But obviously, this movie had dialog writing problems, due to which the whole “Martha” complex started. Due to this simple joke, the whole film got the bad ratings.

Suicide Squad – This wasn’t good at all. The film isn’t seriously done. The worst thing is Harley Quinn who really has zero abilities and no tactical intelligence goes into a massacre in weird red n blue panties. She basically gives it the B-movie title. From the fans side, it’ll probably get 7/10, but a proper critic will give it an average 5/10 as it’s mostly a very average action film. But guess what, even the critics who said it was bad, they praise Margot Robbie for her role. It’s clear by now that the critics aren’t actually critics. They’re bozos with political theories shoved up theirs and if not, they don’t deserve to be called critics but only Herley’s fanboys.

Wonder Woman – This was another dumb movie. I’ve already trashed the logic of this film here-

Wonder Woman HONEST movie review

Wonder Woman HONEST movie review

The logic of Wonder Woman movie is pretty much zero really. Film is full of cliches, anybody who has seen films of this century with a critical eye can easily trace its lack of seriousness. A whole island of supergirls exists where they were all taught to fight evil but when there’s evil lurking around, they only send 1 girl out(stupidly making the way for only the hero). And guess what, she also kills people in cold blood with a sword…..but there’s obviously, no fan outbreak for those killings. None of her killings were accidents like Superman’s was. By now again, I can claim the critics at Rotten Tomatoes to be nothing but highly enthusiastic  SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS. They will do anything to praise women centred films. They will even praise the stupidest stories and rate them 9.2/10. And moreover, we can confirm that social media is full political fascists who hide under the tag “politically correct”. I rate this film 5.5/10. Because, its logic isn’t too far from Suicide Squad.

Still, all of this is only my theory. IMDB has rated Justice League movie 2017 as above 7 points, which is a strong indicator that it’s not the best film but it’s sure not bad for a single watch. Logic wise, may be I’ll give a break down later when I see it. But for now, shut your brains just as much you did while watching Wonder Woman or any utterly logicless MARVEL flick and I think, it won’t be a problem at all.