Lady Warriors pg 5.1 by Pramit

Lady Warriors pg 5.1 by Pramit

And now our regular interviews of Professor Anda-Man by Chuulmaan Khan

Chuulmaan Khan: Welcome back, folks. After getting his teeth kicked out by Mariah, Prof. Anda-Man has set up his fake teeth and is now speaking perfectly. So, Sir Anda-Man, what’re your thoughts on comicbook storytelling?

Anda-Man: Look son, comics are a great way of learning a thing or 2. Back in my days, I used to read a lot of them, specially Wonder Woman and She-Hulk ones.

Chuulmaan Khan: Hmm…but, why only WW and She-Hulk only? Why not Cap’n America or Batman?

Anda-Man:—- Are you kidding, son? Comics-not with Girls in Swimsuits- are NOT comics at all! Why would I even buy them if I can’t get the ASS shots?

Chuulmaan Khan: Ohhh, yes! I totally forgot, you’re a perverted, even in your childhood. My bad! Until next time, Chulman signing off—beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

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Lady Warriors pg 5.2 by Pramit

Lady Warriors pg 5.2 by Pramit