Lady Warriors pg 6 by Pramit

Lady Warriors pg 6 by Pramit

And now our regular interviews of Professor Anda-Man by Chuulmaan Khan

Chuulmaan Khan: Welcome back, folks. Today’s topic is fantasies- Sword n Sorcery. Professor, you there? What do you say?

Anda-Man: Well, son. While fantasy stories are just too old to cover, this new …ubb…sword n sorcery genre is rather new. It’s from 1960s, I suppose…heh…my great hippie days!

Chuulmaan Khan: Wow, so you were a hippy too?

Anda-Man: Of course, yes! I even used a sword in the Vietnam war! Sure, a bullet cut through my buttcheeks and I was sent back home. But…you see that’s why I’m the most experienced person to talk “Sword n Sorcery”

Chuulmaan Khan: Beeeeecuz you went into a gunfight with a sword and got your ass shot? Hmm…I think I should’ve called Mr.Robert E Howard instead of you.

Anda-Man: Rob? Don’t be ridiculous…heh… the guy ┬ádidn’t even know what he created! While me…..see what I got here! A Bullet!

Chuulmaan Khan: Is that the bullet that cut through your ass?

Anda-Man: It’s a bullet from the gun Robert E Howard committed suicide with.

Chuulmaan Khan: And why do you have it?

Anda-Man: I dunno……cuz it’s shiny?

Chuulmaan Khan: Hmm… RIP Robert E Howard, the creator of Conan, Solomon Kane and Red Sonja. All right! That concludes our broadcast day! beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

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