Lady Warriors pg.7 by Pramit

Lady Warriors pg.7 by Pramit


I’ve been often told to draw taller figures, to which, I never really respond. The problem is, I think, since the early superhero artists drew all men 9 heads tall, all the artists today have come to think the same for all heroic characters. While in reality, most men and women are found to be 6-7.5 heads tall. However, I also think, heads are a very wrong form of measurement to calculate character body sizes. Head sizes vary in human too much. So, why use s standard that is not a standard at the first place?

God knows when I’ll stop hearing from readers and colleagues. Once, I even took a gallery of 100 fotos. Do you know what I found? Only 2 out of 100 were 8 heads tall. These 2 people were not even the tallest, they just have small heads, that’s all. Most men n women within 6-7.5 heads length.

Alright, this is it for now. Thanx, bye!

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