life-time Issue 1 pg 2 colors by Pramit

life-time Issue 1 pg 2 colors by Pramit

Wanted to show this colored version of Life-Time #1.

I tried coloring a few pages in this first issue, but it also is a whole different job. May be with a flatter, the job could’ve been easier but since the book never made any real money, it was best to leave it in the BnW state. Enjoy the BnW version on the main Home page as it’s the fullest version of the story.

Also, a good news is that finally Issue 2 pages have been rendered. Now only clean ups and lettering is left. The pdf is available free on Driv thru comics . Do read and share the links or your views about the story. If you have any feedback, you can comment here or contact me through email—- ¬†

The 32 page comic is online available here at DrivThru comics-

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Also available on Amazon Kindle.

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