Life-Time at ATM money by Pramit

Life-Time at ATM money by Pramit

Interview of Professor Anda-Man by host Chulman Khan.

Chulman: So, Professor, what do you think about money? Is money overrated? Is it a necessity or just a luxury.

Anda-Man:┬áSon, in my childhood days, YES, money was overrated . It was indeed a luxury, but not anymore. See, the natural way of living of human has changed. Near about 50 percent of our population depends on the other 50% for food and products. This 50% doesn’t grow anything, they completely rely on selling services in exchange of money. So, money today, is not overrated.
The government and our civilisation has abandoned the barter system. As 50% has nothing to give in exchange of food, they NEED money. Or, some standard of exchange.

Chulman: Sure, sir. but we often hear that money should be cancelled and a new information/data should be used as a standard. What do you say about that?

Anda-Man: Information/data does NOT grow on trees. The earth has already paid a price for human development. This data exchange for food theory is just one more into it. Remember, boy, your phone and those cash counters machines don’t just stay ON 24×7 on air. They take electricity and produce radiation. So, exchanging money for data is like exchanging diarrhoea for cancer. You can always exchange my hot wife’s fotos for food too, if that makes a difference.

Chulman: Ohwww…..tooooo much information. Now, I know why they call you Anda-Man, you really bore people with oldman talks. Alright…until next time, signing off….owwwww.