Life-Time Issue 2 Pg.1 by Pramit

Life-Time Issue 2 Pg.1 by Pramit

Heya, fellas,Butters here….oops

Pramit here. Today’s topic is a bit political and not so cool. Fun seekers, leave the post immediately.

So, in July I released my comic Life-Time issue 2.It’s biz is going pretty well. But one cool thing Life-Time has is a horde of Nazis.

Now, people mostly rant about how poorly written are the colored people in comics are shown, but I think they look justified. The problem I see today in comics is that writers, instead of capturing the real necessity and purpose of the Hero(i.e. the VILLAIN), all of them are putting their energy into detailing these USELESS diverse characters. Seriously, the reason that some colored characters look poorly written is becuz they don’t have any use. The critics are killing the medium by pressurizing these useless extraneous characters and the writers, under pressure, are just doing as directed.

So, instead of putting up 100 stupid characters, just use your time into building up the very necessity for your HERO’s existence, the villain.

Now, let’s get back to Nazis. Life-Time Issue 2 contains Nazis, but guess what? Unlike Indiana Jones films, Nazis in Life-Time are not those 1-dimensional goons to get beaten up. Later on, you’ll see even more of these and I won’t spill the beans here but things will get much deeper.

I saw posts about some “punch the nazis” hashtag and according to US citizens, Nazi emblems and salutes are illegal there. But did they ever think that with a direct “punch the Nazi” slogan, they’re doing exactly what Nazis did? Nazis are extreme fascists, fascists are extreme Nationalists. The way I see it, every govt. today has Nazi features in them. One of the main features of Nazism was to censor/silent whoever speaks against you. So, instead of dragging Nazism in comics, isn’t the best idea to sue them? On the basis of US laws, as people say Nazis are prohibited, it shouldn’t be a big deal in suing them for that, right?

However, the point is, I hate it when writers use Nazis as a villain, just becuz they’re evil. They don’t even see a reason to explain the story behind it, resulting in a very 1 dimensional villain that has no huge reason to care. It’s a storytelling cliche. You can understand this final paragraph, if you’re actually a writer yourself.

Thanx for reading.