Mariah Intro page by Pramit

Mariah Intro page by Pramit

Interview of Mariah by Chuulmaan Khan, accompanied by Professor Anda-Man

Chuulmaan: Welcome to yet another episode of our smoking hot interviews. Today, we have with us Miss Mariah from the Life-Time series and obviously our Prof. Anda-Man. Welcome to the show, Mariah. Can you tell us what your role is about?

Mariah: Thank u,¬†Chuulmaan, I think… you can see I’m a lady, right? So, my role is to show my lady parts in ¬†the Life-Time series.

Chuulmaan: Whoaw….you’re the first cheesecake woman to admit that! But is it really so much limited to that? Isn’t it such a true but harsh statement for this male dominated world!

Mariah: Of course it is, but Life-Time is a 90’s styled comic, depending heavily on nostalgia and certain cheesecake elements from that era. I can’t complain, otherwise…. I’ll get soo fired.

Anda-Man: Oh! This is outrageous, Mariah. No lady should be fired for refusing to show her sexy bits……especially a sexy vixen like youuu…..rufff!


Chuulmaan: Ooooookkaaay, we gotta interrupt this program now. As it seems, Mr. Anda-Man tried to touch Miss Mariah at a very wrong place and she swung her right foot inside his mouth kicking his teeth in. Until we get Prof. Anda-Man to a dentist, you guys take a break….