Red Sonja colored by Pramit

Red Sonja colored by Pramit

Interview of Professor Anda-man by host, Chuulmaan Khan

Chuulmaan: professor! Do you know Red Sonja?

Anda-man: Oh yes! Absolutely, redhead, great gal. Had some great time together when I was young.

Chuulman: Wow, Prof, it’s like you know every hot girl ever born.

Anda-man: Of course,my son.

Chuulman: What do you think of the chainmail bikini she’s always had. Many SJWs have questioned if it’s just a male attraction. They say she should wear full chainmail to protect¬†herself.What are your views on that?

Anda-man: See, ma boy. The discussion around the chainmail bikini is based on how effective chainmails are against a sword. Here’s a test we can do.-

Anda Experiment-

  1. Catch an SJW.
  2. Put him/her in a chainmail.
  3. Swing a heavy He-Man sword on the SJW.

Conclusion- (A) If the SJW dies, it means chainmails are all useless. Give Sonja a regular bikini.
(B) If SJW survives, then the chainmail bikini may remain as it is.

Chuulman: But the discussion is for her getting regular clothes, Sir! Why can’t she get regular clothes.

Anda-man: ‘Cuz, son, she lives in the Hyborian¬†age. Regular clothes aren’t available yet.

Chuulman: Makes sense. But how did you 2 meet, Sir?

Anda-man: That was on one of my time-travel journey, boy. I’ve explored the UNIVERSE.

Chuulman- Hmm…awwwright. We’ll be right back after these short messages. Stay tuned.