futuristic cannon girl by Pramit

futuristic cannon girl by Pramit

And now, Interview of Miss Mariah from the “Life-Time” series continues with Professor Anda-Man and Chuulmaan Khan.

Chuulmaan Khan: Welcome back to the show with Prfessor Anda-Man and Mariah. Well, Mariah, In Life-Time, will you be doing anything more than just showing up in semi-nude images?

Mariah: Hell, yes! I get to do a lot of action, later in the series. What I’m doing in the opening sequences will change.

Chuulmaan Khan: Looks like we’ll get to see a lot of Sci-Fi action, then?

Mariah: Oh no! Not sci fi action! That’s just weird, people standing in front of green screens with fake guns. Life-Time action will be real. The kind you saw Frank doing in Issue 1 The Big Bang? That kind of realistic.

Anda-Man: Mmmmfffmfmmf!

Chuulmaan Khan: Oh, dats great, Mariah. Oh, I think, Anda-Man sir wants to ask something as well. After you broke his teeth last time, his voice comes muffled. He’s asking….. “Are there any bed scenes in Life-Time?”

Mariah: I’m glad he didn’t say that himself in his rude voice, otherwise I’d have had to kick his rest of the teeth as well. No, there won’t be bed scenes and if there are any, you’ll just see a shaking bed or a bed lamp, like those old movies.

Chuulmaan Khan: That’s okay, I’d say ,better keeping it PG-13. More audience, more money.

Mariah: Yeah right….a few cents more. When did comics start making a lotta money anyway?

Chuulmaan Khan: I….have no words. ‘Til next time.. beeeep.


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