Tales of the Damned cover by Pramit

Tales of the Damned cover by Pramit

Cover from Zero Press horror anthology “Tales of the Damned” written by Brendan Hykes.

Chulman Khan: After such ┬álong break, here we’re again with Professor Anda-Man. Today we discuss…..HORROR in comics!? What do ya think ’bout that , Prof.?

Anda-Man: I think, boy, Horror in comics works much different than tv,novels. Problem is that comics can be shuffled thru. So, the reader already knows that the ghost is gonna come on what page. It’s quite impossible to terrify anyone in comics.

Chulman Khan:But, Anda-Man sir, there are many successful horror comics in the field already. What about them? Are they not horror? Like Swamp thing, Blade and so many others in the Independent comics industry.

Anda-Man: That’s the thing. I prefer calling them DARK adventures instead of Horror. Heh….I just don’t remember ever being terrified by a comic, my boy!

Chulman Khan: Oh yeah? Then, what’s that tall white guy doing behind you….

Anda-Man: Bwwaaaaa….what the fuuuuuuuuck……

Chulman Khan: For anybody wondering, the cameraman and I just scared the shit out of Prof. We’ll be back soon …after I get Prof to a heart specialist. I think he’s got a heart attack….beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!