Life-Time issue 1 cover by Pramit

Life-Time issue 1 cover by Pramit

This post might get people pissed off, but it’s necessary.

It is indeed a taboo subject now. Recently, in last 1 year, I have come to notice various female Pro artists and writers who have constantly complained against male creators. First they say, “all books have a place”, then they say, “Men’s comics are offensive”, thereby insulting men overall. From what I’ve seen, they’re not only criticising the work by male creators, but also how the comic industry has more men than women.

So, a few weeks ago, I put up a post on facebook explaining it why. Comics majorly evolved as a male fetish/fantasy genre in last 100 years. Whatever business comics has created in last 1 century is because of the male fantasy work. Now, today, by various political theories, these complaining idiots have destroyed the genre. Massive skin covering and desexualizing happened in comics after 2012. Because of which, males have only lost interest in the action fueled genre. Because of this desexualizing and involvement of constant political issues that promote the SJW behaviour (of which feminism is a part of), females supporting the cause appeared in the comic readership. Obviously, it’s in my experience that once you tell something is for a good cause, everybody joins in. But what’s the good cause????

What these people did is

A. There are so Many men superheroes in the comics! Let’s change and replace them.

B. Now that they’re all feminized, why are men writing them? And why’re they being written for men?

Seriously???? You come into a male dominated business from past 100 years and ask this??

Let me be clear, there’s no other industry out there that takes this type of shit from its employees. And if we talk about equality, it is NOWHERE. You go into Teaching, nursing or modelling, Males are a minority. And yes, in modelling industry, there’s no equal pay even. Highest paid male model is paid 15 times(1500%) lesser than highest paid female model.(Jennifer Lawrence can shout whatever the fuck she wants). So, where the fuck is equality? Have you seen male models complain? But you HAVE seen Jenifer Lawrence say shit, haven’t you? Goddamn fishface.

Feminists changed the whole face of comics and publishers stood there nodding to them. They came into your house, called you dinosaurs and pigs. And now they want to replace you on political grounds. This is change??? This is SHIT. Please, do not call yourselves feminists, FEMINAZIS is the word for you.

These feminazis believe in no equality. I’ve seen them ignore any problem faced by male creators every time. When J Scott Campbell got a politically “wrong” Riri Williams, they shouted against him. THERE WAS SERIOUSLY NOTHING WRONG IN THAT DRAWING! Just type sexy teenager on U tube, y’ll bombarded with 100 times more offensive videos. When Howard Chaykin got a problem for┬áDivided States of Hysteria, they shouted against him too. No matter what, they will always take the women’s side or some minority side.

They’d tell others to not buy their comics if they don’t like their politics. But they’ve no problem in apologising to every SJW when they get offended. They’ve totally taken themselves to be the criminals and these whiny bastards as victims.

It’s actually a great psychological phenomenon. They’ve been either raised by feminists, SJWs or have been lectured so badly in their youths, that they totally believe that Man has oppressed women for 1000s of years, so it’s their time to repent. In literature, we call it the UNDERDOG theory. Make your hero an Underdog and the viewers automatically see him/her as the innocent puppy.

Open your eyes, feminazis, read some history. Read some biology too, if you have a brain. Men saved women for 1000s of years. Modern Medical facilities and perfect laws to save women didn’t even exist until a few hundred years ago. Ask women how many medical accessories they use, that men don’t. You’ll get the fucking list. The social guidelines created by men– saved women from getting killed and raped throughout history. Feminazis really, really need some GOOD education.

The Diversity & Comics guy may not be the greatest reviewer but I think, he’s the most apt reactive agent that these feminazis and SJWs deserve.