Victoria's Super Secret by Pramit

Victoria’s Super Secret by Pramit


And now, our rest interview with Professor Anda-man

Chuulman Khan: And we’re back. So, Prof. Anda-Man, since you know so many ladies everywhere round the globe,     do you know Victoria’s Secret.

Anda-Man: Sure, I do, son. Victoria’s Secret is what caused the loss of 60 million people in world war 2.

Chuulman: WHAT! HOW?

Prof. Anda-Man: Hitler wanted Victoria’s Secret and Churchill refused. But hitler needed the French to co-operate,     so the joint venture.

Chuulman: So, Hitler wanted Victoria’s Secret. That’s why World War 2 happened?

Prof. Anda-Man: I tell you, boy, Victoria’s Secret is a heavily guarded secret in the British empire.

Chuulman: Wait-wait! Which Victoria are you talking about again?

Prof. Anda-Man: Well, Queen Victoria, obviously. The one who made Queen in 1837.

Chuulman: Oh! I almost thought Miranda Kerr was an Aussie agent. Well, until next time…..beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep