Rakshak issue 2 pg30

Rakshak issue 2 pg30

First off, I’m not a techie and I suck at the whole computer shit. Second, whoever said, all Indians are good at computers are just like those who say, all Chinese ppl know karate.

Many artists have told before, they somehow deleted some files without even knowing. I often thought how can you just delete them? You always get a confirmation from Windows, right? Well, I finally experienced what might’ve happened.

So, this weekend , I took some files after scan and cut- pasted them in a folder in my Windows 8 OS laptop. (I still use Windows 7 mostly. ) So, after working on 5 of the 10 files for 2 hours, accidentally rotated an image clockwise. In an attempt to UNDO it, I clicked ctrl+z for 2 times and ……all 10 files deleted. Windows 8 doesn’t ask if you wanna delete. It deletes files if you try to undo the copy paste, but Win 7 does ask you if you REALLY want to delete files.

Is there any way to change this setting ? No idea, but be careful whenever you click Ctrl+Z from now on.

Above page is from Rakshak issue 2- goo.gl/HRZtv5