Cowboy Bebop Real Folk Blues by Pramit

Cowboy Bebop Real Folk Blues by Pramit

31 May was World No tobacco day. Let’s celebrate that with this Smoking Hot Cowboy Bebop image.

And now, Chulman Khan interviewing Professor Anda-Man.

Chulman Khan: Welcome to another sensational episode. Today we’ll discuss Smoking in Pop culture. So, Sir Anda-Man , what do you think? Should there be smoking in pop culture or not.

Anda-Man:Look, son, there’ll always be many different kind of people in this world. Some want protection, some want free life, some want risky life. Now, in the Cowboy Bebop series, it had a trace of reality in it. People wanna live dangerously. Those who don’t want to, don’t eat/drink anything dangerous. You can save yourself from some diseases, YES.

Anda-Man: But, it does NOT mean that you’ll live longer than the ones living dangerously. Even bodybuilders, wrestlers, millionaire musicians die in their 50’s. Does it mean that they all ate bad or had no money for cure? One thing that gangster stories/pop culture items like Cowboy Bebop tells us is that, Death can come from anywhere. Anytime! There are many ways you can get diseases AND DIE. If Pop culture can show reality like that, of course they can show Smoking.

Chulman Khan:So what do you suggest to Smokers and tobacco users?

Anda-Man: NOTHING, son! We’ve complicated our lives enough, your cancer is your responsibility and so is your life n family. It’s a democracy and none can tell how dangerous you wanna live or not…….And yes, Cowboy Bebop is one of the marvels of direction and┬ástorytelling. Every Sci-fi/fiction writer should get a watch at least once.

Chulman Khan: Wow, that was deep.