Miming Paris by Pramit

Miming Paris by Pramit

Interviewer:  Welcome to the Today show with your host, Chuulmaan Khan. Today, with us, is a special guest Professor Anda-man . So, Prof’ssor, what can ye say about this drawing.

Anda-man:  Well. Looks like hot girl going for a ball dance and somehow ended with a fucking MIME.

Chuulmaan:  But really, Prof., I never took you for a comedian.

Anda-man: Well I ain’t! There was a time when I had a little sense of humor too. I still do but it’s more evolved, can’t laugh at everything thrown at your face. On the point, comedy writers should really work on making comedy through actions or action+dialog than just dialog. Meaning that comedy should come more naturally than forced.

Chuulmaan- Whoaw, that was a really boring “Anda” interview. Holy Balls.

We’ll be back soon with more interviews of Chuulmaan Khan and Prof. Anda-man. Stay tuned.