Sports Pinups by Pramit

Sports Pinups by Pramit


Host, Chuulmaan Khan: Aaand we’re back with yet another smashing conversation between me and Professor Anda-man. So, Prof’sor, what do you think of sports?

Anda-man: Well, physical exercise is necessary for a healthy life but on the same page, when we talk about life endangering sports, they don’t really fill that purpose .

Chuulmaan: But Sir, sportsmen endanger their bodies every day, don’t they? They can’t win the contest if they don’t risk their bodies and lives.

Anda-man: Then, the question is if winning a contest is really worth it. Are you sure you wanna give your life for a 1 inch space in a book?

Chuulmaan: Some people take it seriously. Enough of sports, what do you think of sportsgirls, Sir?

Anda-man: Exactly what I think of any beautiful young lady. Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrr—-rrrrrrrrrrr! Cuff- cuff…..

Chuulmaan: Here, Sir, put this chilled water on your hot senses. This is it for today, folks. Hope ya liked the show. Hrrrrrrrrrrrr!