Rakshak Issue 2 pg.44 by Pramit

Rakshak Issue 2 pg.44 by Pramit

Presenting another part of our interview.

Chuulmaan Khan(host)- Professor Anda-man, what do you think of superheroes?

Anda-man: I don’t know anyone in person….but…It’s NOT a superhero, until he’s wearing his underpants outside.

Chuulmaan: But Sir, we’ve many heroes without underpants outside. They’re not super?

Anda-man: Definitely not. If they start getting super,  Candice Swanepoel would be my wife.

Chuulmaan: So, do you know Candice Swanepoel personally?

Anda-man: Of course….NOT. But I’ve seen her wearing underpants.

Chuulman: Hmm…that means she’s half superhero. Okaaay….we’ll continue this interview after this short break.

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