I wanted to do some reviews. Not too many but just the most famous books. I get to read as much as 2 books a year, so this is all I can do for now.

This is the book that got me highly excited in 7th grade and rightly so. The amazing drawing skills of Jim Lee and experienced writing style of Loeb, an all star treatment to make a rich reader experience, all ensured that the reader gets a deal. 320 pages awesomely drawn comic.

Batman: Hush


The book starts with Batman saving a kidnapped kid from the Killer Croc. The furious details of the beginning issue itself is enough to take your breath away. This is why I still love the 90’s Image era. Although, I wasn’t there, but whenever I see through those 90’s comics, I have to say “These guys spent a shit load of time in drawing and learning how to.”

Such highly detailed drawing  is no more available from any of the pro artists today. Jim Lee was definitely “Marvel’s Golden  Boy” as Image co-founders call him. Jim Lee had taken a long vacay from drawing during his Wildstorm  comics days. Afterwards, he sell  Wildstorm to DC and comes on DC materials to work. And HUSH was his first big  project (with some other small Batman Black n White stories).

Each and every scene is so perfectly crafted. As an artist, this book is always an inspiration to look at when you can’t figure how to draw a great scene. Of course, Lee shouldn’t get all the credit becuz the great lines are all perfected by Scott Williams. Williams has been his best inker since the Image days and still works with him most of times. The great inking style of Williams is what gives Lee’s pencils the edge it needs. Above all that, Alex Sinclair colors were the best colors in comics in that era of early 2000’s and probably, still is. Cherry on the top is Richard Starking at letters. From Jeph loeb, Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair and Richard Starking, each are at the peak of their careers today.

All through the book, Batman encounters his numerous greatest foes and derives clues of someone playing a deadly game with him.

However, with the great artwork, the worst thing is that it is an ALL STAR comic, meaning the comic is more about the stars of the story. Loeb makes the story to include all the major Batman villains but there is almost no good reason. Their reasons to attack Batman seems sloppy and at the end, Riddler’s reveal is a let down. I mean, why knit such a huge story for a crazy game-plot. Overly lengthy and leaves a bad taste if you’re only buying the book for  reading. Meaning that the story has more shock value than anything of greatness. Instead, buy the book for Jim Lee and Scott Williams artwork, you will enjoy it forever.

Go get yourself a treat. You’ll thank me later.