Daredevil Vs Elektra by Pramit

Daredevil Vs Elektra by Pramit

Chulman Khan: So, Professor Anda-Man, what do you think about Daredevil 2003 movie? Why is it the most hated Marvel movie?

Anda-Man: I have no idea, son. I mean, Elektra looked so hot in that! Rarrrr!!

Chulman Khan: Marvel fans spew hatred for the film. What do you think might be the reason?

Anda-Man: Simply, son. The Marvel fans have some huge allergy towards anything realistic and dark in nature. Somehow these fans resemble the horde of hippies from the 60’s and 70’s who just wanted to see and smell colorful flowers all day. I think, the demented nature of true world has scarred them so bad, that they can only perceive the fictional superhero films as colorful Disney Princess stories. It is in fact a defence mechanism. It’s the same as the SJWs. They see so much hatred in real world that they can’t see anything bad/unwanted in the fictional zone.

Chulman Khan: So, should we let these snowflake fans just the way they are?

Anda-Man: The principle is “Live and let live”, until they come at you, boy. The Disney Princesses have a right to watch and feel great about what they have until they come with pitchforks onto us. See son, there’s something called World-Building in story. It’s done in the initial 10-20 minutesĀ of a movie. To what I know, Daredevil did great in that zone and kept its integrity. It didn’t challenge the rules of its own world. However these colorful new films….. keep breaking the rules of their own. Hence destroy the very world they made. They just…. can’t take it serious.

Chulman Khan: Wow…that’s so much knowledge about the story/film writing these days. So much….that my balls hurt. Until next time, Chulman signing off—–beeeeeeeeeeeeep!

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