Lady Warriors pg 4 by Pramit

Lady Warriors pg 4 by Pramit

Chulman Khan: So, Professor Anda-Man, what do you think about the tough females, the lady warriors.

Anda-Man: Well, yes, boy. All ladies are warriors. My great mother, born in 1920 , she was a born warrior. She fought her In-laws all the time. My sister, born 2 seconds before me, ¬†fought me all the time. All women are warriors, boy. Even sexy Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus¬†sure have their own struggles……… whatever they may be.

Chulman: Yeahh..but I’m asking of the real tough girls. What of them?

Anda-Man: I don’t know exactly what you’re pointing but when a real sword falls, even HER-cules has to step out of the way. Nobody’s so tough, kiddo……except the Wolverine, he’s got Adamantium claws.

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